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Green pipe market prospects

  2014-02-13      Jincheng Plastic

With the development of science and technology, constantly improve people's quality of life, self health awareness has been enhanced, "health" and "security" became the two major themes ofconcern for the modern man. Therefore, known as the green pipe polyethylene, polypropylene,poly butylene and aluminum-plastic composite pipe, more and more by the pursuit of health and lifestyle of modern people's favor.

In daily life, the security of water quality and water drinking water is the focus of attention. The metal pipe has four fatal weakness: easy to rust, easy corrosion, easy leakage, easy scaling.Galvanized steel pipe corrosion will breed a variety of microbial contamination of tap waterpipeline. The polluted water carrying bacteria like an invisible killer, threatening the health of the people. In the past 10 years, some developed countries have successively establishedlegislation or industry regulations prohibit the use of galvanized steel pipe as the water delivery pipe, and put forward the comprehensive use of green pipe as the main body of the no rust, no corrosion, no leakage, no scaling quality pipe.

According to relevant materials to experts, China's production of green pipe mainly polyethylenepipe (PE), polypropylene pipe (PP), polybutylene (PB) and aluminum-plastic composite pipe(Pap), the above 80% for building water supply and heating. Compared to other plastic pipe, themore suitable for indoor small diameter water pipes, heating and floor heating, indoor low pressure gas pipe etc.. Before 1997, aluminum-plastic pipe using range is narrow, less production, less sales market. But since 1997, the Ministry of construction in new residentialrestrictions on the use of galvanized pipe, recommend the use of polyethylene pipe,polypropylene tubes, polybutylene pipe and aluminum plastic composite pipe and other newgreen pipe, therefore, the green pipe market is active, production and sales, some species haveshort supply, has become a new economic growth point, and become a hot spot for investment.This has laid a solid foundation for the further safeguard room "blood" of the health. According to market survey, the green pipe 2002 ~ 2003 for two consecutive years the rise in production,has reached more than 3000000 tons, this year is expected to exceed 3500000 tons.

According to market research, after 1997, as a result of these green heating pipe market demand, production of the products, high efficiency, all jump on the bandwagon, causes the market is not stable, yield and quality, price change radically. But after a few years of fierce market competition and industry consolidation, some poor level of equipment, production line of small, production of small, low quality of small factories have been withdrawn from the market,new competitors have few chances to enter. Is expected in the next few years polyethylene pipe,polypropylene tubes, polybutylene pipe and aluminum plastic composite pipe market will remainstable development trend.

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