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Mold development trend

  2014-02-13      Jincheng Plastic

Mold is the basic technology of equipment industry, telecommunications, automotive,motorcycle, in motor, electrical appliance, instrument, electrical appliances, building materialsand other products, more than 80% have to rely on the mold shape, mold parts demonstrated by the high precision, complexity, high consistency, high productivity and low consumption, is thethe other processing methods could be compared.

As China's industrial development of electric, mold of the increasingly high demand, therefore,large-scale, precision, complex, long life mold development requirement will be higher than thetotal development speed.

According to industry analysis, the future development trend of China's mold includes 10 aspects:

One, the mold is large.

Two, the accuracy of mold will be getting higher and higher.

Three, multi-functional composite mold will be further developed.

Four, the proportion of hot runner molds in the plastic mold will gradually increase.

Five, with the continuous improvement and development of plastic molding, gas assisted die andfit the mould pressure molding process also along with it development.

Application of six, standard parts will be more widely.

Seven, the prospect of rapid economic mold very widely.

Eight, with products such as vehicles and motor development to lightweight, die-casting mold will continue to increase the proportion of.

Nine, plastic steel, with plastic bags to further accelerate the process of wood, plastic mold will continue to increase the proportion of. Due to the complexity of the mechanical parts and precision continues to improve, the plastic mold the requirements of increasingly high.

Ten, mold technology will continue to improve.

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