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The new building materials market current situatio

  2014-04-04      Jincheng Plastic

Building materials industry is developing rapidly, but the development of new building materialsindustry encountered hardships and dangers. Although there is a market demand, but in fact because of cost and market restrictions and technical barriers, the development of new energy-saving building materials said of an aged person.

The new energy-saving building materials including new wall materials, chemical building materials, new type insulation materials, building decoration materials etc..

In reality, people have the choice of building materials, a direct impact on the development of energy-saving building materials. At present, in the interior decoration, many owners because of the lack of awareness of energy saving and environmental protection, not willing to spend money to the use of new energy-saving green building materials products, the formaldehyde content in the decoration of the rooms in exceed the standard, not only harm the health of the owners, causing economic losses, causing great material waste.

Although the new energy saving building materials with high technological content, low resource consumption, long service life, environmental pollution and other advantages, the use of lower cost than general building materials is not high, but from the market price of speaking, does not have the competitive advantage. Energy saving building materials production costs are too high,so that the new product cost is reduced, it is difficult to become a market darling. New thermal insulation material such as polyurethane foam, currently accounts for only in the exterior wall of the use of share less than 10%. Focus on brand building only a few large enterprises engaged in real estate development, external wall insulation system using polyurethane foam.

Analysis of the development of new building materials market status of the said of an aged person

At present, most of the new building materials enterprises in China competition concentrated inlow-end products, high technology content of products is relatively small, is not the field of high-end competition. The most obvious is the plastic pipe and the doors and windows industry, thelow-end products has excess capacity, market growth slowdown. The domestic plastic pipe and pipe fittings for general products are used, high added value, high content of pipes, pipe fittingsproduction less, greatly limits the application of the market, and the application of plastic pipe of the high-end domain is only in its infancy. The main reason is the industry in saving energy,resources and lack of investment in science and technology, lack of technological innovation,influence the overall level of the whole industry to enhance. But the market has been in favor ofPC transparent plate market, due to the high technical requirements, domestic enterprises can not be achieved in technical breakthrough, most of the market occupied by foreign companies.

At present, the higher profit margins of internal and external wall insulation board, roofing material, plastic building materials production, sales, production enterprises are short-sightedquick, for the development of industry of the hidden trouble. In addition, cement hollow bricks and other building energy-saving materials instead of solid clay brick, clay brick has beenextended, but this kind of product is also insufficient intensity, construction differences in theimpact of project quality problem.

In addition to the two major bottleneck mentioned above, the imperfect supporting policies related to encourage, building materials industry itself exists in the development of low threshold, low concentration, the market disorderly competition and other issues, andenterprises are facing to market high technology, high pressure, is a new energy-saving building materials within a short time is difficult to be an important cause of the rapid development of.Grasp the pulse of the development of enterprises and market opportunities to development.

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